Why go...

  • Very close to Ling Safari... only 4.6 miles near Kidderminster
  • Harvington Hall is a little gem.
  • A moated medieval and Elizabethan manor house in the hamlet of Harvington near Chaddesley Corbett, south-east of Kidderminster.
  • An ideal visit for children to explore Tudor life and times.
  • Sign up for a house tour to get the Tudor history and learn about all the priest holes which the children always particularly enjoy.
  • The younger ones can also dress up in capes and hats of the Tudor period as you enjoy the tour so that you all get a better feel for the atmosphere.
  • Reenactment events usually at weekends where you can see archery, dancing, take part in children's games, see muskets being fired, musical instruments being played, take advise from the "wise women"
  • Check out the kitchen, there is nearly always something going on such as butter and cheese making.
  • The team rooms come highly recommended for their cakes are superb.
  • A great and close visitor attraction.

What's there...

  • Harvington Hall belongs to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham.
  • It is particularly noted for its vestment-hide and seven priest-holes, four of which are built around the main staircase and are thought to be the work of Nicholas Owen
  • Main areas of interest are:
    • The unusual approach - reached by a narrow lane from the village pub, twisting past cottages and houses to emerge suddenly into an open space with a church and stables and finally the red brick chimneys and gables of the hall.
    • The house - This Elizabethan red brick house and moat was built in the 1580's by Humphrey Packington. Ownership passed on Throckmortons of Coughton Court in Warwickshire in 1696 until 1923.
    • The priest-holes - The finest surviving series in England. Four of them sited round the Great Staircase and show the trademarks of the master builder Nicholas Owen.
    • The gardens - Are described as small, but charming, walled gardens running down to the moat.
    • and Tea Rooms - Are highly recommended.

Where is it...

  • Harvington Hall
    Harvington Hall Lane
    DY10 4LR
    United Kingdom
  • Tel: 01562 777846
  • Web: http://www.harvingtonhall.com

How far is it from Ling Safari?

  • 4.6 miles by car from Ling Safari to Harvington Hall

How do I get there

Please copy and paste or type our post code into the above box DY121LN to get your route.

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